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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Busan baby

Deb and I have been having a good time since my last yip. Friday we went out for a night on the town with our company and had a good time. Free chicken and beer, ain't nothing wrong with that. We had an errrrr…..interesting time after the party ended but it was all fun.

Saturday morning we woke up really late and a little dizzy and hopped a train to Busan. Busan is a southern sea port and the second largest city in South Korea. Some Americans will recognize Busan because this is where the South Koreans successfully made there last stand during the Korean War until the UN landing at Incheon saved the country from the commies.

Anyway, Busan is a beautiful city with great food. Deborah's cousin showed us around the city and took us to all the best restaurants and sights. Busan is known to have a little bit different cuisine than Seoul, so of course we had to try as much of it as we could. Notably, we ate two eels, sea penis (I have no idea what they really are, but they look like penis and they live in the sea), and live sea urchin guts. This was all during a sushi feast which was quite delicious and very well deserved in my opinion.

Busan seemed to be a more laid back city than Seoul. Not as many people were half running around and a lot more folks were just hanging out. Granted we were at the beach most of the time and it was the weekend, but it still seemed a little more laid back than Seoul weekends. Another interesting thing about the south of South Korea is that they speak a very different form of Korean call Satulee (or something like that). It sounds kind of funny when you are use to hearing Seoul dialect. I was rather surprised to learn that there are actually several very distinct dialect in the relatively small country of South Korea.

 We were able to go to the beach which I was very happy about. There was also a pup at our hostel, which I was perhaps even more excited about. No pup can beat Ddori, but this dog was very fluffy and very small so he filled in just fine. If anyone is thinking about moving to or visiting South Korea then I would highly suggest either living in Busan or at least visiting it. You get all the big cityness of Seoul but it is less dirty and busy and there are beaches! Plus I hear the weather is almost always nicer then Seoul.

I found a lot of mun on the beach, which was very strange. I even found these two coins corroded together. At first I thought it might be gold or something, but they were just 10won pieces (which is the same as 1 penny). I found 580won in total. Some of the coins were 40 years old, others very new. I guess people throw them in the ocean for good luck? Imagine how many coins you could find if you had a metal detector….

We also got a chance to go to an amazing buddhist temple called Haedong Yonggunsa. It is a temple along the beach which is very unusual because most Korean temples are in the mountains. I was able to take a lot of cool pictures there.

                  This is one of my favorites.

Last we checked out a huge street market place. A lot of cool things were happening here. The market was packed with food and stuff just like a market anywhere in the world. We didn't get a chance to eat pigs feet, but apparently they are popular in this area.

Leaving Busan was not too fun because the fast train was sold out. This meant that we had to take the slow train which takes about 6 hours. We got home around 12:30 and passsssed out.

I'm still a little worn out and I think I'm getting sick so I'll leave you for the night.

Thanks for reading and keep checking in,

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  1. Glad you had a good time. The beach pictures are beautiful. Love ya's Momma