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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gettin in the groove

We have offically been in Korea for one week! Time is flying by already. Pretty much all we have been doing is working, sleeping, and buying things. On average Deborah and I get home around 9, but so far that seems to vary depending on traffic and when we leave work. The commute from work takes about 50 minutes which is longer then I expected but doable.

This first week has been very expensive. We've had to buy a lot of stuff that we already had in the US, such as pillows, shower things, and house hold products. Stuff is generally cheaper in Korea, but I'm finding out that what is expensive and what is cheap is very different than in the United States. Essentially anything from America is expenisive, but here are some examples: $12 for face wash, $6 for cheap tomatoe sause, $120 Sperry shoes.

Most things in Korea are rather affordable however. The most noticable thing is alcohol. Beer is ridicously cheap, costing about a dollar, and no matter which of the four brands you buy it will always taste a little worse then Coors Light. Soju, Korean wineliquor, is even cheaper. You can buy one bottle of Soju for less than a dollar, and one bottle would get most people rather drunk! Ciggys are also very cheap, costing about 2.50 for Malboro's.

So that's what we've been doing, working and making our apartment cozy. So far, so good.

We should be getting our foreigner registration card soon, which means we can get internet in our apartment. Once that happens I'll be able to write better blog posts. Until then keep checkin in and thanks for reading.

Yippy yip

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