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Friday, December 23, 2011

Silk Tiger of the Lotus

Recently, Deborah and I have been having very amazing dinners with Deborah's father. I'm not sure when it happened, but he really likes me! He's been taking us to some of the best restaurants in Korea and has been sharing a lot of information about his country and culture. He really enjoys taking us out and wants to take us out every week!
Kimchi and beef. It can't get any better then that.

One of the most special part about all this is that he gave me a Chinese/Korean name!


Thats my name! There it is written in Korean. The original/special/ceremonial form is written in Chinese, but I don't know how to do that. In English it is pronounced La Ho Yeun. It sounds similar to Ryan, but add a "ho" in between the "Ry" and the "an" and you'll be kind of close. Her dad made it sound similar to my English name on purpose because he thought it would be easier for people to remember. The coolest thing about my name however, is what it means.

Deborah's name is on top, mine is on the bottom.
First is Chinese script, then Korean, then English.
Ra means silk. He said silk means that my mind is smooth and fine like silk, which is why I am so interested and open minded to learning new things and on furthering my education.

Ho means tiger. Tigers are regal, fierce, and well respected. He said everyone respects tigers because of their strength and because they can protect the things they love (aka Deborah).

Yeun means "the root of the lotus" or just "lotus"- The lotus is a very important plant in Asian culture for many reasons. It is very important in Buddhism and is one of the most prominent symbols in that religion. Deborah's dad said the lotus is unique among the plants because it grows in the water and the flower doesn't just sit on the water, but it rises several inches above. It also represents clarity and tranquility qualities he wants me to build upon.

Well there you go. I couldn't make that up if I tried. I feel very honored to have such an interesting and respectful name. I know her dad put a lot of time into creating it. It's a lot more complicated than just picking things that sound good, but I really have no idea how it works. It's neat how Chinese characters that were similar sounding to my name worked out and combined into such a meaningful name.

Well, thanks for reading,


A little high class makgeolli (korean unfiltered rice wine) never hurt anyone...


  1. This was a great entry!


  2. Ryan/Deb

    What is your skype or email address? If you have skype we need to chat.

    - Jimmy High

  3. Jim,

    My email is We've been trying to call you for the past few months but you never answer! Write me now. We have to set up dates for your visit.


  4. Sweet name Ryan! I love that it means so much and that Debs dad picked it special for you! How wonderful!